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Boxer Breed FAQ

pug PupsBoxers are a very devoted and gifted breed that can double as the ideal family pet and a hard-worker. Training is crucial with this breed, as it possesses a dominant personality and requires a strong lesson in who is its master. The boxer breed is a curious and playful breed, so training it to become a guard dog – if that is what you seek – is essential. Additionally, due to its playful nature and inability to grasp its size, one should watch as the dog plays with children; while very loving and not likely to become aggressive, it is larger than a small child and may cause injury while playing.

The boxer needs daily intellectual and physical stimulation, as it is a high energy dog. The exercise needs of this dog can be fulfilled by a jog or a long walk on leash but after time, a pet owner will come to realize the proper method of exertion for their furry friend. An apartment-dwelling boxer will likely require more than a jog or single walk each day for exercise, as the boxer does best when allowed to divide its time between a house and yard. Its muscular build and short, yet thick, coat make this dog apprehensive toward heat and proper care should be given in the event this dog is in warm conditions. Its coat needs only occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

While having an intimidating appearance, the hearts and minds of a boxer dog is very youthful and energetic; this breed has even become known as the “Peter Pan” of dogs due to their never-ending playful attitude, even in old age. Beware, these dogs have little idea of just how big they are and will do everything in their loving power to become your favorite lap dog and cuddle buddy.

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